Joint Pain Disease

September 21, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Sometimes, people get so used to pain that they immediately shun it as a normal part of life. Even in handling joint pain, sufferers disregard their symptoms as a natural part of the aging process. This kind of seemingly unaffected attitude can often prove disadvantageous and even harmful because it prevents the right diagnosis and the accompanying right recommendation from being given. If you are suffering from joint pain, it is of utmost importance that you see a doctor right away and find out the joint pain disease that is causing you the severe discomfort you are feeling.

Pain, specifically joint pain, can indeed be a serious problem. It affects the way you run your life, including the way you handle your livelihood or means of income, your regular interactions with your family and friends, and your relationship with yourself. Immediate treatment should be sought once symptoms of joint pain are felt so that you can regain your life back right away. There is no sense in prolonging your suffering, especially with the existence of therapy, medication, and surgery – all of which can help get rid of your painful symptoms.

There could be a number of medical conditions that are the cause of the joint pain you are experiencing. A trip to the doctor, who may require you take some tests, is the best and surest way to figure out what joint pain disease you actually have. The most common type of pain-related condition in people aged fifty and above is osteoarthritis, which is also known as degenerative joint disease. As time passes by, your body’s rubbery cartilages, which functions as your joints’ shock absorber or cushion, gradually becomes stiff, less elastic, and prone to damage. The deterioration of the cartilages results in a domino-like chain of destruction in the joints, pushing ligaments and tendons to stretch more than they should and ultimately causing severe pain. This process usually takes place in joints in the fingers, back or spine, hips, and knees; if you have osteoarthritis, you are likely to experience aching, soreness, knotting, and agonizing pain in said areas.

Another typical joint pain disease that has been the culprit in many joint pain cases is fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder that causes tenderness and pain at several points in the body, making the sufferer experience extreme difficulty in sleeping and fatigue. The cause of this medical condition is yet to be fully understood, but symptoms have been studied to include red, hot, swollen, and excruciatingly painful joints which cannot be cured by over-the-counter drugs for pain relief.

Another reason for your joint pain may be rheumatoid arthritis, which is not a degenerative joint disease but a much more serious type of arthritis that can lead to early death. While treatment for this medical condition is without a doubt more aggressive, the symptoms are familiar: swelling, stiffness, and pain in the joints and fatigue. In this type of arthritis that is believed to be caused by an external organism, the inflammation takes place in a symmetrical fashion, hitting the joints on both sides of the human anatomy. Early diagnosis is significant in the prevention of disability and mortality. This is why immediate medical intervention is highly advised for people who feel joint pain – the cause may just be as dangerous a joint pain disease as rheumatoid arthritis.